Sunday, August 31, 2008

Whose Side is God on?

During the past week, I found myself fearing the worst. When James Dobson's Focus on the Family called for people to pray for rain during that convention, I thought that the entire event would be spoiled. Hallelujah and Hosanna! Praise the Lord, it went off without a single bolt of lightning, although the fireworks were spectacular. So I figured that God had ignored the good pastor, as he often ignores the prayers of holy people, lest they get too complacent with their cozy relationship with Him.

Now I'm beginning to wonder what is up. A new hurricane is heading for New Orleans and all those off-shore oil rigs in the Gulf. Mayor Nagin has imposed a mandatory evacuation. And the Republican Convention is about to start. Is this a sign from God? I remember the talk about the last time having something to do with homosexuals and questionable activities of an immoral nature in the Latin Quarter. What is the message this time?

I have a theory. Given the timing, it must be that God has decided to support the candidacy of Barack Obama. After all, the Republican Convention is scheduled to start just when Gustav is predicted to blow into all those offshore oil rigs and come ashore at New Orleans, with all its ugly symbolism for the Republican Party. President Bush was scheduled to speak that night, but he is now rumored to have canceled.

Coincidence? I think not. Look at the past eight years. The Bush administration has continually ignored all the evidence of impending environmental disaster brought on by global warming. The signature energy policy in the McCain save-the-planet campaign is more offshore drilling. But most of all, it must be GOP elected officials like Larry Craig that finally made God decide to switch parties. I think that God may have been tired of all that hypocrisy from the GOP. I swear on the Bible. That must be the answer.


Sinistral said...

Well, the memo going around says Barack is our Messiah. You know, divinity made Democratic flesh.

I'd drink his wine any day.

charvakan said...

Gustav is providing an excuse for the Reps to curtail what promised to be a very awkward and disappointing convention. It still has to be considered a big negative, what with the Katrina memories it brings back, but it's an ill wind that blows no good, as they say.

Copernicus said...

It seems that Scout Finch of DailyKOS had the same revelation that I did. (