Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Days Left

I am beyond any hint of a desire to be bipartisan.

After these last 8 years? The truth is more evident than ever. Roughly 85% of Republicans work to get in the way of progress, and roughly 98% of their politicians serve the same purpose. The result of 6 years of giving them unbridled power and the two following years of lame-duck impotency have given us the biggest steaming pile since the 1930s.

We don't need to strike deals with them. What we need is the frickin' opposite of them. So fuck 'em. Let's bust some proverbial heads and chase them out with town with torches and pitchforks. Liberals have been right all along. Conservatives are more obviously wrong than any time in living memory. Debating them is time better spent making cupcakes. You may as well try to spit into your own eyeball.

Enough. They must go down.

Reaganomics and neo-conservatism must drown like a pair of starved rats that abandoned a sinking ship in the middle of the arctic ocean, with no land for miles. They must cling to each other, gasping for air, while their limbs go numb with the chill of the water. A great wave must pull them under the surface, as the icy touch of Mother Nature grips their tiny, panicking lungs with inevitable mercilessness. They must blink helplessly as they continue to sink, in their last fleeting seconds of mindless fear, before finally being swallowed live by a giant fish (that looks suspiciously like Barack Obama). They must hear nothing but their own final heartbeats in their final moments in the dark, burning yet also freezing belly of the Obamafish. Then, in an effort to let out their last, hapless squeak, they must leave their mortal coil to be dissolved into naught but nutrients and waste.

Go Obamafish go.

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Anonymous said...

The Donuts are releasing our Gitmo video on Election Day.

Check it out:

The song "Guantanamo" is from our last record, "Jet Ear". The video was directed by Mark Schreiber (of Slo-Mo, John Train, the Low Road, etc) and Suzanne Penn (of the Philadelphia Art Museum). We shot it in Ocean City, New Jersey. There was a crowd of teenage girls surrounding us as we lip-synched. One of 'em had asked me, "will this be on MTV?" To which I replied: "of course!"
On election day, we will promote the video by donning our prison jumpsuits and busking the song in front of as many polling places in Philly that we can get to. The idea is to change history.

Do your part: send the video around to as many people as you can. Doing this is more important than voting.


J. Bearclaw (maverick)