Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blagojeviching All Over The Place

One of things I've always loved about the left is that its greatest virtue is not loyalty.

I like to say that, when it comes to ideas and politics, loyalty is highly valued but very much overrated, and when people who screw up in a pretty major way, like power-hungry twit Rod Blagojevich, there's typically a race to ditch them rather than circle the wagons.

That's hardly loyal, but usually in the best interest of the people and their government.

Lately, we've seen fellow corrupt politician William Jefferson get dropped on his head by the electorate as well.

Compare that to Larry Craig, who is still desperately clinging to his seat, or Ted Stevens, who was convicted of several felonies and then lost a close election in Alaska, and then amazingly left office to a frickin' standing ovation, and we see a clear difference in standards.

The only question mark remaining for the Democratic Party is Charlie Rangel, who probably should give up his chairmanship, if not his seat, after some of his recent screw ups. He may be innocent until proven guilty, but public office is not about how innocent you are, it's about what you can do for the people you work for - and anyone with that kind of shadow looming over them loses significant cred in the political world.

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