Friday, February 13, 2009

Norm Coleman: We Need Activist Judges So I Can Win This Damn Lawsuit

When a Republican lawyer starts arguing that his case has created legal "penumbras" (yes, a direct quote) around certain laws, and that His Corrupt Highness Al Franken "would have you sit in a vacuum, strictly interpreting a statute," you know up has finally become down and liberal Jews really do control the weather.

A historical footnote: let's all remember that "penumbras" are official Republican no-noes ever since Griswold v. Connecticut, still their favorite Exhibit A in supposed judicial overreach.


Samnell said...

They only flog Griswold because they can't get away with flogging Brown anymore. That's when the activist judges ranting really started on the American right.

charvakan said...

Oh, this is delicious! Thanks.